Two days after Tuesday’s election Senator Time Kaine sent the following email:

I’m as disappointed as anyone. We had the opportunity to elect a candidate -- the first woman president -- who would have brought people together, created jobs, strengthened our nation’s leadership across the globe, and opened up ladders of opportunity for countless Americans.

It pains me to say that Hillary Clinton is not going to be our next president. I couldn’t have been more honored to serve as her running mate. Anne and I did over 900 events in 40 states during the 105 days we were on the campaign -- 105 days we will always look back on with pride.

But this isn’t a time to give up.

We need to strengthen our resolve to fight against injustice, break the gridlock in Congress, and use government to make people’s lives better.

And I’m going to be enlisting the help of each and every one of you to help make that happen.

Part of what has always made America great is that, no matter who you are or where you come from, we all agree to respect the same process. We choose our elected leaders with ballots, not bullets and tanks.

So I want to congratulate Donald Trump and Mike Pence on their victory.

I traveled all across the country during the course of this campaign. I visited red states and blue states, urban communities and rural ones, and spoke with individuals of every creed and color who love this country and want the best for it.

All of our elected officials owe it to the citizens of this country to try to put this divisive election behind us, and focus on the hard work of making government work for our people.

It all goes back to a very simple belief: We need to do all the good we can and serve one another.

That is what I’m about. And it’s why, in the Senate, I’m committed to working with both parties and president-elect Trump to find the common ground to move our country forward.

I want to thank all of you who poured your hearts, just as I did, into this campaign. Every time you were asked to help, you delivered.

Tuesday night was hard. But there is important work ahead. We are still stronger together. And together, we can help shape a better future.